ALS Global shipping & Logistics Ltd hereinafter known as ALS Global Shipping or ALS; DECLARATION OF GOODS

  1. Clients are required to be honest and transparent in declaring the content of their packages before delivery at our Warehouse.
  1. Liquids, gases, powders, cosmetics, battery goods (lithium batteries), corrosives, flammables, explosives, toxic substances, living organisms, radioactive materials, etc are termed as HAZARDOUS or DANGEROUS GOODS.
  1. Items listed in paragraph 2, as well as fragile goods, must be properly packaged and labeled according to acceptable UN standards for international shipping by AIR or SEA.
  2. ALS Global Shipping may decline to ship any of these hazardous materials or goods with INHERENT VICE or goods that may pose risk to other packages if guidelines concerning packaging and labeling are not adhered to by the client.
  1. Each package must be accompanied by a warehouse declaration form fully filled by the supplier to confirm ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION about the goods before the package(s) can be accepted at the warehouse for carriage by both AIR and SEA.
  2. This information referred to in paragraph 5 may be vital for invoice creation before goods are loaded as well as insurance and customs declaration purposes. Thus, clients are encouraged to provide ALS Global Shipping the true value of their goods every time.
  1. Each package must have the appropriate SHIPPING MARK pasted on each package for easy identification and delivery. Kindly take note that, ALS Global Shipping will not be held liable for consequences that may result from failure to do as instructed.
  1. Undeclared goods that customs termed as dangerous goods shall be confiscated if not declared to ALS Global Shipping.
  1. In case of any applied custom penalty or consequential losses or damages occurring due to failure to declare DANGEROUS GOODS, the clients shall be held responsible and may have to pay for all damages, losses, or penalties incurred.
  1. Clients must be aware that goods considered Dangerous may be shipped if declared and documented appropriately. ALS Global Shipping shall not be held liable for any penalty or seizure of goods if the client fails to declare as requested above.


  1. ALS Global Shipping shall not be responsible for any damages or losses that occur before receipt of goods or delivery at our warehouse for shipping. Our responsibility begins when goods are accepted and confirmed to the client.
  1. ALS Global Shipping will not be liable for any damages/losses that occur to goods due to inherent vices (ability of the goods to decompose by itself, rust or break), improper packaging and labeling of goods during shipping and delivery of goods to clients in Ghana.
  1. ALS Global Shipping may only take responsibility and compensate clients if the procurement was done or supervised on behalf of the client.
  1. ALS Global Shipping may compensate client(s) only for losses that occur after goods are confirmed and received in good condition but had issues before delivery at the supposed delivery point in Ghana.
  1. In situations where goods are procured on behalf of the client(s) through online platforms, ALS Global Shipping shall not be held liable for goods that do not meet the client’s expectations or standards after agreeable confirmation and negotiations by the client(s).
  1. ALS Global Shipping shall implement compensations according to our own discretion for a refund on items that are procured on behalf of a client after initial acceptance by both parties. ALS Global Shipping will ensure that audiovisuals and necessary information on the items will be presented to the client(s) for confirmation before procurement will be effected.
  2. ALS Global Shipping will refund 50% of the shipping cost and 30% of the product cost as compensation on damaged goods if proven that all precautionary measures were duly adhered to by the client or supplier. Owners of damaged goods must provide the following before compensation;
  3. Evidence of payment of shipping fees b. Invoice of the goods and

Supplier’s contact information

  1. Client(s) must ensure that FRAGILE GOODS are packaged & marked appropriately before delivery at our warehouse. ALS Global Shipping will not accept any liability for damages if goods are not properly marked with appropriate handling instructions/Symbol.
  1. ALS Global Shipping will not be held accountable for the loss of items and related complaints after receipt or delivery of goods to clients after 24-hours; however fragile goods should immediately be checked upon delivery and receipt. ALS Global Shipping shall not be liable for damages after clients accept responsibility for such Fragile goods.
  1. All clients must endeavor to fill the DELIVERY NOTE upon receipt of any goods or packages and report any form of inconsistencies immediately at the remarks column.
  1. Clients must ensure proper identification of their goods (AIR/SEA) and must communicate immediately to Customer Care Representatives in case of any mistakes or change of mind. ALS shall not be liable for any losses or delays in delivery that occur due to improper identification of goods, and delivery to the wrong warehouse address.
  2. Clients must always confirm the right warehouse address and ensure that suppliers marked their goods with the exact information (ALS/name warehouse address) given by ALS customer Care Representative for smooth operation for all new orders.


  1. The loading date of containers from our warehouse is different from the Sailing (Loaded onboard) date. Goods are received at the warehouse several days before loading into a container and transported to the shipping yard to await the arrival of the ship.
  2. The vessel takes off 7- 10 days after the loading date.


  1. ALS Global Shipping only communicates the estimated time of arrival (ETA) as given by the shipping line which is for informational purposes and is subject to change. We will not be held liable for consequential losses that occur due to the delay of arrival of goods to Ghana (Delay from shipping line) which is beyond our control.
  1. Transit time or ETA (estimated time of arrival of containers) obtained from shipping or airlines is provisional and given for information purposes only, without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, and is subject to change at any time without prior notice from the shipping or airline.
  2. Container clearance takes 7 – 10 working days upon arrival at Tema Port.
  1. Clients will be notified by ALS staff for pick-up or delivery after 24 hours of offloading.
  2. We will always ensure that goods are cleared within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of discharge of containers at port except in circumstances beyond our control which shall be duly communicated to clients by our staff.


  1. Air Cargo is charged based on the type of commodity and gross weight except for lightweight goods, volumetric weight is applied, whichever is higher. The minimum weight chargeable is 5kg.
  1. Sea Cargo is charged based on CBM on any type of commodity. The minimum charge is 0.1CBM.
  2. Charges for AIR and SEA cover the cost of freight, duty, and clearance only without delivery.
  3. All charges, especially for AIR CARGO must be PREPAID prior to shipping. For SEA CARGO, a minimum of 60% must be paid prior to loading into the container and the rest paid before delivery.
  1. All Shipping charges must be paid before the arrival of goods in Ghana or before delivery; as and when invoices are dispatched.
  1. Charges are quoted in USD but payable in GHC at a predetermined rate different from interbank rate due to charges on transfers and swift charges to the shipping country. The client can also pay in USD but swift or transfer charges must be added.
  1. ALS Global Shipping has the right to make and communicate changes in shipping rate at any time on unannounced fluctuations in freight cost, duty, and clearance charges by the stakeholders involved.


  1. We kindly plead to our cherished clients to facilitate prompt payments to ensure swift delivery. Storage and security costs of undelivered goods beyond one week will be transferred to the client.
  2. Clients who fail to pick up their goods after 1 –week notification due to nonpayment will pay a penalty or demurrage of 1% OF INITIAL CHARGES DAILY for storage and security.
  3. After one month of storage, goods will be deemed to have no owners. We shall seek a court order to auction these items after several notifications to make way for the storage of new cargo.
  4. Clients who have paid fully for their goods yet use the ALS facility as storage will be made to pay a minimum of 100GHs per CBM per week.


  1. The delivery cost must be borne by the client. Free delivery services will be applied using our own discretion or for promotional purposes only.


  1. Clients should note that goods not picked up after one month will be set for auction to defray the cost of freight, duty, and port charges. After one month of inability to take delivery of cargo, ALS Global Shipping is not liable for missing or damaged goods whatsoever.




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