ALS Global Shipping and Logistics operate in the major ports of Ghana (TEMA & TARKORADI SEA PORTS). Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of the product via cargo ships; goods are packed into containers either 20ft or 40ft and these containers are loaded onto a vessel or badges, where they will be sailed to their designated seaports of the country.

When it comes to moving your shipments to market ALS Global Shipping Logistics through its vast agent network can provide door-to-door ocean transportation services for domestic import and export shipments.

One key part of this integrated solution is a secure and steady, time-definite yet cost-effective means of moving goods to and from any major port around the globe. Whether it’s simply ocean transportation management, consolidations, or project cargo solutions, our clients utilize our ocean services and expertise when they are looking for a flexible and tailored solution to meet their international shipping requirements.

ALS Global Shipping Logistics can arrange ocean transport of domestic freight, imports, and exports from port to port or door to door giving you a full range of services to meet all of your ocean needs.

Contact ALS Global Shipping Logistics today, and you’ll find it’s always nice to be out on the water.